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Foolproof Combination

fool proof combination



‘Our Personal Values are the things we consider to be most important to us. Being clear on whvalue coaching cardsat they are means we can pay sufficient attention to them. This makes us happy and we feel more fulfilled. If we ignore our values, or behave in ways which are contrary to our values, we feel unhappy and troubled.

Values are based of feelings and emotions we experience from previous events and people we’ve known in our lives. They can change over time – we can choose to change or sometimes we are forced to pay attention to things which become important (eg ‘Health’)
Some of our values never change. These are our ‘core values’ – they are the essence of who we are.

Here’s an easy way to check out your Personal Values
Use this card game on your own or with friends and family
Get to know each other (and yourself!) much better

Download version, Only £5.00

Values Cards - a comprehensive set of potential Values to help find out what is really important to you. Ideal for Coaches and NLP Practioners.

£15.00 incl Postage & packaging

what are your values ?

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