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Foolproof Combination

fool proof combination


Bob has 29 years experience in financial services around the UK and in North America.
His background is in Corporate Finance, Management Development and as a Sales Director.

He is intrigued by team and individual development within different organisations.
Bob believes that the best way of progressing is to try out new ideas and approaches quickly.
So, in his delivery there is a strong emphasis on the practical application of principles.

He is a member of the Professional Speakers Association and can present on a wide variety of development themes, such as;

  • The Performance Iceberg – what’s beneath the surface?bob king
  • Producing Results – 12 Proven Lessons for getting what you want.
  • Keeping a sense of perspective – in touch with what’s important.
  • Change – helping people and organisations through transition.
  • Building strong rapport – relationship management skills.
  • One on one communication – parent, adult or child?
  • Becoming contagious.
  • Achieving your Best Year Yet!

Bob King helps organisations to achieve performance breakthroughs.

Using the ‘Best Year Yet!’ system he ensures that the ideas, energy and unique skills within Top Teams are aligned – everyone moving in the same direction.

The Team produces – on one page – a simple plan for success, which includes the main strategic focus and clear goals for the next 12 months

Bob provides NLP - based Executive Coaching (he is a INLPTA registered NLP Master Coach) as well as bespoke training and development solutions.

'Best Year Yet' -  Worldwide community of business coaches - www.bestyearyet.com

'PMC' -  Specialists in Top Team Development, Leadership, Sales and Sales Management, Customer Experience, Regulation and Distribution Consultancy - www.iwantpmc.com


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